The 734 area code encompasses the southeastern corner of the state of Michigan. Much of the region is considered to be part of the greater Detroit area, meaning that many of the communities in the 734 area code are suburbs for Detroit and other more urban communities connected with Detroit. As a result, the region is very popular with residents who are seeking a quiet suburban lifestyle and are okay with commuting elsewhere for work. The largest concentrations of the population in the 734 area code are in Washtenaw County and the cities of Ann Arbor Canton, Livonia, and Westland.

Working In Southeastern Michigan

While many of the cities are suburban communities for the nearby metropolitan city of Detroit, the most populous cities and counties in the 734 area code still have active economies that are important to the overall economic activity of the 734 area code. Westland and Cantonís retail industries serve the retail needs of most of the people living and working in southeastern Michigan. Manufacturing has been a part of the 734 area codeís economy since Henry Ford first began expanding his Ford Motor Company manufacturing operations into the region during the first part of the twentieth century, and it continues to be a part of the economies of Canton, Washtenaw County, Westland, and Livonia.

However, manufacturing is not as significant in the 734 area code as it was prior to the creation of the Rust Belt. The economy within the 734 area code is becoming increasingly diverse, and services industries such as distribution, legal services / lawyers, healthcare, and financial services are becoming increasingly important sectors of the 734 area codeís economy.

Ann Arbor has become the regional hotbed for technology and research and development for many different types of companies over the past few decades. Part of what has made Ann Arbor such an attractive location for research and development laboratories as well as technology companies is the presence of the University of Michigan in the city. The University also comprises a large portion of Ann Arborís economy. Education is a significant industry in the whole of Washtenaw County, as the county contains not only the University of Michigan but also Eastern Michigan University.

Even though there are many people living in the 734 area code that work in the communities within the region in the aforementioned manufacturing, education, retail, technology, and research and development, there is still a significant portion of the population that commute to Detroit and elsewhere for work that influences much of the region as discussed below.

Suburban Life and More in the 734 Area Code

The cultivated suburban atmosphere of many of the smaller communities located in the 734 area code has attracted a large number of families to the region as they move away from the more urban environments present in the nearby cities of Detroit, Flint, and other such metropolitan areas that have been increasingly beset with rising crime rates and other urban blight problems. These cities, villages, and townships have allocated a lot of money and effort to making their communities family-oriented, providing attractions that appeal to all ages and hosting events that are always a hit with adults and children alike.

Ann Arbor is different from most of the 734 area code because it is a city that appeals more to young adults without families than to families who prefer the suburban lifestyle. The University of Michiganís presence in Ann Arbor has greatly influenced the cityís social atmosphere, giving it a college town vibe. Many of the events and attractions in Ann Arbor are designed to appeal to the universityís student body, such as the University of Michigan football games, and the forward-thinking activist spirit that the student body fosters, like Hash Bash.

Legal Work Life in the 734 Area Code

The lawyers working within the 734 area code are most likely to work in smaller and medium-sized firms or alone as solo practitioners. Most of the large law firms serving the residents of the 734 area code are located in the city of Detroit. Within the legal community of the region, many different kinds of law are practiced, though where certain practice groups are located are predominantly dependant on the economies and social communities present in the places where the lawyers have their offices located.

The prevalence of so many residential communities in the 734 area code generates plenty of business for lawyers that handle domestic matters, such as drafting wills and sorting out child support issues. These residential communities also provide a lot of work for real property attorneys who appear to be handling more foreclosure cases as of late, as more families in the area continue to fall below the poverty line and can no longer afford their mortgage payments.

The manufacturing industry present in the larger communities in the 734 area code supports a sizable labor law practice group with many members focused primarily on union relations, as worker unions are prevalent in southeastern Michigan. As the technology and research and development industries grow in Ann Arbor, more intellectual property attorneys are setting up offices in Ann Arbor and an increasing number of future intellectual property lawyers are enrolling in the University of Michigan Law School. Due to the variety of different kinds of law practiced that are tailored to the needs of each community, the residents of the 734 area code never have difficulty in finding the correct type of lawyer for their particular legal issue.